June 16, 2016

Brazilian Soccer United has one of the strongest coaching staffs in Boston and will start a new Academy in Orlando, Florida. We are looking for players interested in joining our program.

Tuesday, December 11

  • 6-7:30PM – FREE TRYOUTS for BOYS AND GIRLS U-5 to U-14;

Tuesday, December 13

  • 6-7:30PM – FREE TRYOUTS for BOYS AND GIRLS U-5 to U-14;

Tuesday, December 18

  • 6-7:30PM – FREE TRYOUTS for BOYS AND GIRLS U-5 to U-14;

Tuesday, December 20

  • 6-7:30PM – FREE TRYOUTS for BOYS AND GIRLS U-5 to U-14.

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We have put together a basic tryout guide that each parent should follow throughout the tryout process as well as what to bring and ’Frequently Asked Questions’ below.

Check dates / times / locations of the appropriate age group.

Register for ’Brazilian Soccer United Tryouts’ through the website and fill in all information. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted.

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to check in.

If you don’t hear anything from the club after the first night of tryouts, the club would like you to come back to the second night of tryouts.

When attending the second night of tryouts, please make sure your child has the number that they were issued at the first night. If you no longer have the number, go to the registration area, tell them the number you child was for the previous tryout and you will be issued another number.

Each player / parent will hear back from the Brazilian Soccer United FC coaching staff whether or not they have made a team within 3 days.

What to bring:

Soccer apparel i.e. soccer jersey, shorts and socks. No Jeans


Ball – be sure it is fully inflated

Shin Guards

Plenty of water



Does my child have to attend all tryouts?

Brazilian Soccer United recommend that your child attend all sets of tryouts unless you are contacted after the first night. This is to maximize your child’s time in front of the coaches. If for some reason you cannot make both tryouts please make sure you notify the coach in advance.

Do I need to register online?

Yes. Every player trying out for Brazilian Soccer United will have to register online. This allows us to prepare our coaches and see how many players will be attending. This also speeds up the check in process.

When will I know if my child has made a team?

Each player / parent will be contacted within 3 days of the last tryout by a member of the Brazilian Soccer United coaching staff.

Click Here To Access Try Outs

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