Brazilian United FC

Brazilian United FC


Brazilian United FC was founded in April 2010. B.U.F.C is the first Brazilian soccer club in the Greater Boston area. B.U.F.C specializes in both outdoor and indoor soccer. “FUTSAL” is a fast based indoor soccer.

Brazilian United FC will have qualified coaches who will monitor the individual development of each student.

All coaches must and will have their criminal antecedents checked by CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information), as a requirement of Soccer Federation of Massachusetts.

Registration is open for children from ages 5 to 14.


Brazilian United FC


Our mission is to provide a fun and competitive learning environment for boys who love to play the game of soccer. We are committed to:

  • Developing outstanding team skills;
  • Encouraging hard work and player development;
  • Rewarding positive attitudes;
  • Having fun while reaching goals.

Brazilian United FC is dedicated to developing skilled, competitive soccer players with an advanced knowledge and a real passion for the game. The focus is not only with the player's current level of skill and talent, but more importantly on developing each player to their highest potential. To achieve these goals, we offer superior coaching, a high level of competition, and a supportive Club network.


Brazilian United FC


Training hard, setting individual as well as team goals, improving skills, understanding the rules of the game, being a reliable teammate; these are some of the expectations the Club has of its players. In return the Club sets a high standard in offering first rate instruction from professional coaches dedicated to enhancing individual skills and creating a strong team approach to the game.

Meeting these mutual commitments is hard work for all involved. When it is consistently pursued with a sense of joy and pleasure, winning is simply the natural outcome for everyone involved!